Local documents and treasures

The lords of the castle changed quickly: from Lord Arima, Matsukura and Koriki. But after Lord Matsudaira Tadafusa came to this province, the stable rule continued nearly 200 years. The hearts of the people of a citizen of territory were stable, too, and culture and economy developed

Every Shimabara feudal lord was a lover of learning, and this made it possible to prosper the culture and studying in his domain. The culture related to the feudal lord and Shimabara castle has been exhibited in this hometown-document section

The swords 'Shinki', 'Shinsoku' were heirlooms in the Matsudaira family, and they were also the defense gods in the castle. The armor, the helmet, and furnishing goods with the family crest of the double fans are the ones used in the palace. Moreover, the license and the book of secrets, etc. including the vassal's armor and helmet were donated, consigned, and have been exhibited. These can be only some reminiscences of the rich culture of our hometown