Seibo Memorial Hall

This memorial hall was opened to commemorate the eighty-eight-years birthday of Mr. Kitamura Seibo of our hometown who won the Order of Culture. He is a maestro (a great master) of the carvings and sculptures field of our country. It is the facility for unprecedented art of carvings and sculptures in the world that can follow a trace of the long creation activity for about a century. Among his most important ones about 60 points have been exhibited

The original works full of a feeling of power of the young days when he wanted to be a sculptor. The peace pray image which survived the tumultuous time of a great war and exploded the desire to peace. The wish applied peacefully has minced the impression strong against our heart. The creation activity that began again still powerfully, and youthfully even after his 60th birthday, and it shows a new stage. His infinite creative activity is very overwhelming

The great works currently exhibited by the outdoors are wrapped in the coloring of Shimabara Castle every season. They will be attaching a flower to free approach to all of you tracing the walk course